brown scapular

"Whosoever dies wearing
this scapular shall not
suffer eternal fire."
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    OUR MISSION STATEMENT is a lay Catholic ministry (apostolate) run by volunteers with the sole
    purpose of getting out to the faithful FREE church-approved sacramentals, namely The Brown
    Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Many Catholics today either ignores, or has entirely
    forgotten this great devotion of the Church. Our purpose is to bring to light the history, the
    respect and the love of the Brown Scapular given by the Holy Catholic Church and the Saints.
    We desire that all might hear the Heavenly Promise of Our Blessed Mother and that all might
    put on the Holy Scapular of Carmel. The Scapular represents for us a life of prayer, and is a
    sign of our commitment to follow Christ daily.

    Please Note: We are a lay Catholic ministry (apostolate) and not a charity. We have not sought
    that classification.

- Promise of Our Lady made July
16, 1251 to St. Simon Stock
free brown scapular
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